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*Contours to Child's face

*Minimize disposition around the eyes

​Sidestream Child-Friendly Character Mask - Tucker the Turtle


Sidestream Reusable & Disposable Nebulizers

Sidestream Masks

*Weighs only 3.3 lbs *Easy to use with Sidestream masks & nebulizer sets *Fewer parts to assemble or clean than other nebulizer compressors *Covered by a 5-year warranty

In​noSpire Elegance

.Sami the Seal 

* Pediatric nebulizer compressor system
*Shaped like a seal to appeal to children *Easy to use with Sidestream masks & nebulizer sets and Tucker the Turtle masks *Covered by a 5-year warranty







OptiChamber Diamond

*Intuitive, ergonomic design

​*Smaller than most conventional valved holding chambers

​*Delivers consistent aerosol therapy

*Adult and P​ediatric sizes


*Efficient drug Delivery

        Asthma Management

​AsthmaPACK Children's Care Kit

​*Low range peak flow meter

*OptiChamber valved holding chamber

*Instructional DVD and asthma care booklet

*Coloring and activity book with crayons

*Carrying case

Reusable (Light Blue)

*Maximum aerosol quality and output

*Can be used for 6 months before replacing

Disposable (Dark Blue)

*Fast, efficient drug delivery

*Can be used for 2 weeks before replacing

LiteTouch VHC Masks

*Soft seal technology is designed to contour to face

*Provides application ease and unrestricted view of patient's face

*Detachable mask available in 3 sizes: Small - Medium - Large

Peak Flow Meters

Assess Peak Flow Meter

*Easy-to-read scale

​*Measures airway obstruction accurately

*L-shaped design facilitates patient training and encourages posture

AsthmaCheck Peak Flow Meter

*Small, Compact Design

*Highly accurate peak flow meter

*Adjustable zones can be tailored to individual patient's needs.